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Construction/Heavy Equipment

Skid Steers/Track Loaders:

  • John Deere 333G Track Loader: $400/day. $1,200/ week. $3,600/month

  • Kubota SVL-97 Track Loader (w/ cab, A/C, radio): $450/day. $1,350/week. $4,050/month

  • Box Blades (multiple sizes available): call for pricing based on size

  • Buckets for Skid Steers/Tractors: $40/day. $120/week. $360/month

  • Quick Attach 72" Brush Cutter: $125/day, $375/week, $1,125/month
  • 84" Quick Attach Brush Grapples: $75/day, $225/week, $775/month
  • Quick Attach 12" Auger: $75/day, $225/week, $775/month
  • Fork-Mounted Self-Dumping Hoppers: $35/day. $105/week. $315/month.
  • Danhauser Intimidator Tree Shear: $115/day. $345/week. $1,035/month


  • Kubota KX-40 40hp 4 Ton Mini Excavator: $250/day. $750/week. $2,250/month

  • Volvo EC35C 35hp 3 Ton Mini Excavator: $215/day. $645/week. $1,935/month. 

  • CAT 333F Excavator: $1,000/day. $3,000/week. $9,000/month. 

  • Ditch Witch C14 24" Walk Behind Trencher: $200/day. $600/week. $1,800/month.

Scissor Lifts:

  • 19' Scissor Lifts: $75/day, $225/week, $675/month.

  • 26' Scissor Lift: $125/day, $375/week, $1,125/month

  • 32' Scissor Lift: $175/day, $525/week, $1,575/month.


  • Forklift/Telehandler (5,500lb capacity, 19ft Reach): $325/day, $975/week, $2,925/month.

  • Forklift/Telehandler (8,000lb capacity, 42ft reach): $375/day. $1,125/week. $3,375/month

  • Pallet Jack: $40/day, $120/week, $360/month


  • Komatsu D-39PX (Cab, Clearing Protection Kit): $750/day. $2,250/week. $6,750/month.

Constructions Tools:

  • 60ft/lb Electric Jackhammer: $75/day. $225/week. $675/month.

  • 45ft/lb Gas Powered Jackhammer: $60/day. $180/week. $540/month.

  • STIHL TS-420 14" Cut-off/Masonry Saw: $60/day. $180/week. $540/month.

  • Electric Concrete Mixer: $35/day. $105/week. $315/month

Generators/Light Towers:

  • WN/Doosan Light Tower/6,000 Watt Diesel Generator Combos: $125/day, $375/week, $1,125/month

  • 5,500 Watt Gas Generators: $55/day, $165/week, $495/month

  • 2,500 Watt Gas Generators: $35/day, $105/week, $315/month

  • 2,000 Watt Inverter Generator: $45/day, $135/week, $405/month

  • Guardian 15kW Gas Generator: $75/day. $225/week. $675/month.

  • Telescoping 10,000 Lumen Work Lights: $15/day, $45/week, $135/month

  • 7,000 Watt Generators; $60/day, $180/week, $540/month

More Tools, Welders, Compressors, and Construction Items Under "Tools" Page!

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