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Lawn Equipment

Lawn Mowers:

  • Kubota Z422 60" Zero Turn: $75/day. $225/week. $675/month

  • Bobcat ProCat SE 60" Zero Turn Mower: $75/day. $225/week. $675/month

  • SCAG Liberty Z 60" Zero Turn: $75/day. $225/week. $675/month.

  • Makita Battery Powered Self Propel 21" Mower: $40/day. $120/week. $360/month


  • Wheelbarrows: $5/day. $15/week. $45/month

  • Shovels: $5/day. $15/week. $45/month

  • Rakes: $5/day. $15/week. $45/month

  • Axes: $5/day. $15/week. $45/month

  • Post Hole Digger: $5/day. $15/week. $45/month

Lawn Power Equipment:

  • Stihl MS-170 16" Chainsaw: $20/day. $60/week. $180/month

  • Stihl MS-311 25" Chainsaw: $40/day. $120/week. $360/month

  • Stihl MS-271 20" Chainsaw: $30/day. $90/week. $270/month

  • Stihl BG-65 Blower: $20/day. $60/week. $180/month

  • Stihl SH-56 Leaf Vacuum/Blower: $25/day. $75/week. $225/month.

  • Stihl KM-56 (Trimmer, tiller, pole saw, edger): $30/day. $90/week. $270/month

  • 2100 PSI Gas Pressure Washer: $45/day. $135/week. $405/week.

  • 4200 PSI Gas Pressure Washer: $60/day. $180/week. $540/month.

  • One-man Augers: $30/day. $90/week. $270/month

  • 2-3" Pumps (Semi and Trash) w/ Hoses: $40/day. $120/week. $360/month

  • Swisher 28-Ton Log Splitter: $90/day. $270/week. $810/month.

  • Ditch Witch 24" Walk-Behind Trencher: $200/day. $600/week. $1,800/month.

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